Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you ever make, so you’ll want a true picture of its condition right from the start.

Mortgage valuations are not the same as house surveys. Lenders conduct basic checks to verify the property’s value, but that’s usually all.

A thorough, professional survey identifying any issues early on will save you time and money – that’s where SmartrSurvey comes in.

A Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)-qualified surveyor will check the property from top to bottom before sending you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand digital report, usually the next day.

They’ll look over the roof, walls, pipes, timber and others aspects of the house making sure everything’s in order.

While we hope not to find anything too problematic, identifying issues at this stage allows you to make an informed decision on what’s next.

We’ll help find tradespeople to cost any repairs and you can use their quotes to renegotiate with the seller.

Investing in a SmartrSurvey will give you peace of mind and put you in control on your journey to your new home.

What you’ll learn from your survey

Our qualified RICS surveyor will have a broad knowledge of your chosen area, types of local property, and issues to look out for.

You can trust their detailed assessment to give you confidence by being completely sure of what you’re buying.

You’ll receive a digital report straight to your computer or smartphone with any issues graded on a traffic-light scale of importance.

These may include legal considerations like planning permission and building regulations which you can share with your solicitor, and:

  • Environmental concerns including smells, electricity pylons and flight paths are highlighted as are regulatory matters like tree preservation orders, rights of way and boundaries.
  • Health hazards like asbestos will need further specialist investigation, so finding these early with a SmartrSurvey is essential.
  • Our surveyor will inspect boilers and electrics to check if test certificate updates are needed.

The sharp layout with clear, understandable details free of lengthy, confusing documents is one huge benefit of choosing SmartrSurvey.

Pictures taken during a near two hour-long inspection illustrate our findings and help you understand your report.

Our surveyors work for you, not the mortgage lender, to ensure you are fully equipped with everything you need to know before you commit.

Every penny counts when you’re buying your new home, investing in a SmartrSurvey protects you from any costly surprises along the way.

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