Why SmartrSurvey is better

Access your report from anywhere

We know life is busy so we’ve designed SmartrSurvey to be mobile friendly. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on the train or sitting on your sofa, you can read, download or email your report wherever you are.

  • View your report anywhere
  • Email it to relevant parties
  • Download or print your report
  • Get quotes from tradespeople easily

This video has associated audio. and subtitles.

A video showing a working example of the SmartrSurvey (pronounced Smarter Survey) report that customers will receive following purchase and completion of a SmartrSurvey by a qualified surveyor.  The video shows the report displayed on a smart phone responding to scrolling and navigation performed by an unseen user.  The first page to be shown is the home page which contains graphics summarising the number of serious, less serious and acceptable elements within the property being surveyed.  In addition the home page includes a textual summary of the surveyor’s overall opinion, and a list of suggested actions the customer can take next after viewing their report. 

The user next views the “Actions” section of the report which has links at the top to print, download and email the report.  Underneath these links the page shows various buttons that the user can click to trigger an action.  These are “Find a trusted tradesperson”, “Share legal issues with your conveyancer” and “Email tradesperson”.  The video then shows the user scrolling through the page to view information on how to find a tradesperson using the “Specialist Xpress” website.

In the next part of the video the user clicks to view a summary of serious issues affecting the example property. Photographs of each issue affecting the property are shown.

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